Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We know you may have questions when planning, purchasing or installing your railing - and we are here to help! We've complied some of our most frequently asked questions. As always, you can always reach out to us by calling (855) 742-7245 or using the chat feature in the bottom corner of our website.

Product and Purchasing Questions

I'm interested in purchasing Williams Railing. Where can I buy it?
You can buy Williams Railing at your nearest Menards location or
Can the stair panel angle be adjusted?
Our stair panels are produced at a 37-degree angle but can be racked from 30-40 degrees. One additional note: Due to the angle, a 6-foot stair panel will not be long enough for a 6-foot stair run.
What is the spacing distance between the holes in the Horizontal Cable Post?
There is 3.15" of space between the holes of the Horizontal Cable Post.
What is the diameter of the holes in the Horizontal Cable Post?
The diameter of the holes in the Horizontal Cable Post varies by the type and height of the post. See below for a more detailed explanation. Note: "ø" symbol denotes diameter.

Deck Posts:
Intermediate Post: ø 0.21”
Corner Post: ø 0.25”
End Post: ø 0.46”
Pickets: ø 0.21”
Stair Posts:
Inline Posts: ø 0.33”
End Posts: ø 0.63” (Outside), ø 0.33” (Inside)
Pickets: ø0.29”
What are the actual dimensions of the Williams Panels?
6' railing panel measures 69.43" and the 8' railing panel measures 91.31" with a post attached. This is very important when using railing panels to pre-existing structural posts. Make sure you measure the opening.
Does the battery on the solar post cap need to be replaced?
The battery that is included should last 3-5 years. The battery is a LiFePO4 battery with a size of 14500, capacity – 600 mAh. Replacements are readily available on Amazon or other online and local retailers.
What is the expected life of the solar panel on the solar post cap light?
The solar panel will last the lifetime of the light (15+ years)
How long will the solar post cap light run when fully charged?
On a full charge the lights would last more than 24 hours. This reserve is to help with cloudy day performance. The solar panel should fully charge a completely dead battery in about 8 hours of direct sunlight.

Installations Questions

How do I separate the Top Snap from the panel when the plastic is still on?
Top and bottom snaps should slide off of panels. If a snap has been complete seated, then it may take 2-people to remove. 1-to pull the top rail and the other to pull on the panel. Do not use any hammers.
The top snap will not snap onto the H-Channel, what should I do?
Start at one end right at the post and grip the top rail on each side so that your thumbs are parallel to each other and very slowly proceed to apply force every couple of inches. It will be hard to snap on but should work. (DO NOT USE a mallet or band the top rail as it will cause a dent). The only reason it WOULD NOT SNAP on is if you have installed your U-Clips to high whereby one corner surpasses the inside die line of the H-channel. If the latter is the case, remove and re-install clips so they are below the die line and are straight. Then proceed to snap on the top rail as instructed above.
How do I order replacement plugs to cover the base plate screws?
There are two types of case plate plugs/caps to cover the screws. If you purchased your railing in 2015 you most likely have thin dime-sized metal plugs that would be installed with silicone. Please call us at (855) 742-7245 and we will send you out the items you need. If you purchased your railing in 2016 you most likely have larger quarter size plastic snap-in plugs.Please call us at (855) 742-7245  and we will send you out the items you need
What do I use a deck attach kit for?
These attach kits allow you to attach our panel to a post at either end. Included are 4 u-clips (two for each post/each side and 16 self-tapping tek screws.
My deck attach kit is missing some screws. Which screws should I use?
If you purchased a deck attach kit separately at Menards and it is missing an item, please call us at (855) 742-7245 and we will send you out the items you need.
My deck attach kit is missing from my panel. What do I do?
Please call us at (855) 742-7245 and we will send you out the items you need.
The Top Snap and/or Bottom Snap was damaged when I unpackaged it. What do I do?
If the part cannot be used, call Williams Railing at (855) 742-7245 and we will send you out a new part.
I miss-cut the top snap and/or Bottom Snap, what do I do?
You can purchase a new top snap or bottom snap at Menards. This is a special-order item and will take 5-7 business days.
What type of attachment screws do I use to mount the railing to a concrete surface?
TapCon concrete anchors – 5/16” x 3”
How do I use the wall mount attach kit?
This should be used if you want to attach either to a building or existing posts versus our posts. Wall Mounts are castings and are necessary only if you have a brick wall/un-even surface or lap siding (un-even surface) to attach to either/both sides. Note, these are not used often, however, because our system does not have sleeves, cuts must be clean and terminate perfectly to our post or into a flush structure/existing post so as not to see daylight.
What size opening does the Williams Railing gate kit accommodate?
Williams gate kits fit openings up to 40” wide. They come in black, white and bronze and include hinges, lock and a key. The rough opening can be 48” which would accommodate two posts and the 40” gate.
What type of screws are used for a surface mount of the railing to a wood or composite deck?
Post installed as end posts use (4) 5/16” x 6” exterior construction lag screws (sold separately). Post installed as corner or line posts use (4) 5/16” x 4” exterior construction lag screws (sold separately).
What is the dimension of the base plate?
5" x 5"
Where are the holes located on the base plate?
The holes on the base plate are located 4” on center.

What is the diameter of the smallest post hole in our Horizontal Cable posts?
The diameter is 0.21".

What is the recommended distance from edge of concrete when setting your post?
4" from the edge of concrete.